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I don't know what that means.

About Me

Name: Amanda
Age: 19
Location: US
Occupation: Student

Likes: reading, writing, watching tv, sleeping, hanging out with friends, osteology, forensic shows, movies, my mom, college, God, word association games, Disney SceneIt, quoting movies
Dislikes: my roommate when she wakes up early and clicks on her mouse, my roommate when she makes things that smell, my suitemate, calculus, chemistry, spelling mistakes.

What qualities do you admire in others?: Loyalty, Honesty, a Sense of Humor, ability to adapt
What qualities in others piss you off?: Lying, Cheating, all around not-goodness


Movies: While You Were Sleeping, The Little Mermaid, Star Wars (the originals), Spaceballs, The Breakfast Club, RENT, Serenity, The Chronicles of Narnia, Guarding Tess, Lord of the Rings, Stick It, Flicka, She's the Man, Over the Hedge, Harry Potter, Shaun of the Dead, Meet the Robinsons.
TV shows: CSI, CSI:NY, Lost, Bones, Firefly, House, General Hospital, Food Network Challenges, Scarred
Fictional characters: *takes deep breath* CSI - Hodges, Grissom, Sara, Nick, Wendy, Henry, Archie; CSI:NY - Lindsay, Danny, Flack; Lost - Hurley, Juliet, Charlie, Claire, Aaron; Bones - Hodgins, Booth, Brennan; Firefly - Jayne, Kaylee, Mal; House - House, Cameron, Wilson; General Hospital - Sonny, Carly, Michael, Lulu, Maxi, Logan, Cooper, Spinelli


Strengths: Adaptability, Futuristic, Positivity, Empathy, Maximizer.
Weaknesses: Cute boys, good books, great movies, anything with Wallace Langham, stubbornness.
Fears: Not passing Calculus, not passing Chemistry (again), planes, deep water, dying in a fire, things flying at my face.

Bones-related Questions

Who is your favorite character? Why?: HODGINS!!  Because he's teh hawt!  And I love his conspiracy theories.
Who is your least favorite character? Why?: Angela.  She just rubs me the wrong way.
Which character do you relate to most?: Probably Booth.
What’s your favorite episode? Why?: Two Bodies in the Lab for the B/B love and The Man in the Fallout Shelter for Hodgins in a towel
What’s your favorite Bones quote?: "I don't know what that means."

*please include a picture of yourself, if you have one* 

Honestly, I don't feel comfortable posting a picture of myself.

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I say: Hodgins
Booth. :)
I'd have to say Booth
Okay, I broke the tie:

STAMPED as Jack Hodgins!