Chrissy (x_starbuck) wrote in bones_stamping,

I don't know what that means

About You

Name: Chrissy
Age: 17
Location: New Zealand
Occupation: Student, and I'm also a checkout operator at a supermarket.

Likes: X-Files, Bones, House, Gillian Anderson, All Animals, Friends, Insects..
Dislikes: School, RETAILING CLASS, Reality TV shows, Romance Novels, Badly written Fanfiction.. + more

What qualities do you admire in others?: Bravery, Honesty, Confidence.
What qualities in others piss you off?: Superficial people, Arrogance, People who have to exaggerate/lie about everything..


Movies: 10 Things I hate about you, The House of D, Ginger Snaps (trilogy), Serenity, Kalifornia, POTC 1 &2 (I haven't seen 3 yet).. + more
TV shows: X-Files, Bones, Greys Anatomy, House, Firefly, CSI NY, CSI, NCIS.. probably more as well.
Fictional characters: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Temperance Brennan, Andrew Ryan, Angela Montengro, Jack Hodgins, Jack Sparrow, Catherine Willows, Jane Rizzoli, Carrie White.. oops got a bit carried away.


Strengths: Caring.. I guess.
Weaknesses: Overly cautious when it comes to emotional things, I ramble a lot, I care more about animals than people who aren't my friends/family.
Fears: Being in a serious relationship, I also don't want to become someone I'm not just to please a guy..

Bones-related Questions

Who is your favorite character? Why?: Um, either Booth or Tempe. I just admire them, and wish I could be more like them. ^_^
Who is your least favorite character? Why?: Sully, he annoys me.. and I can't put my finger on the exact reason.
Which character do you relate to most?: Hodgins? I think.
What’s your favorite episode? Why?: The pilot, they mention Mulder and Scully! And I just love it..
What’s your favorite Bones quote?: "What? Do you want me to spit in my hand? We're Scully & Mulder." -- One of many.

No picture sorry, I'm not really comfortable having a photo of myself where anyone on the internet can see it. >_< Bit paranoid.

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Hey, could you put in the proper subject line and put the entry behind an lj-cut? That would be great.
Ugh sorry I'm so ditzy today I was meaning to do that >_<
Hey I was just wondering... in the rules it says: "After either 36 hours or 6 votes, you will be stamped. " does that mean you'll give the person a stamp after 36 hours if they don't already have 6 votes? Sorry.. hope that makes sense. :P
Yeah, but it's a bit hard to keep up. :P
Oh no, don't worry I totally understand. I wasn't complaining I was just curious :)
Brennan. ttly brennan.
I'm going with Angela just with the whole I don't want to become someone I'm not just to please a guy.

STAMPED as Angela Montenegro! :)
Thank you :)