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About You

Name: Kelly
Age: 22
Location: United States
Occupation: College Student

Likes: cop shows, chunky monkey ice cream, making stuff, indie rock, writing, academia, horseback riding, the 1960's, shopping, cheesy teen movies , coffee shops, acoustic guitar
Dislikes: grass stuck to my feet, spiders, mean people, mushrooms, drinking & smoking

What qualities do you admire in others?: honesty, sensitivity, kindness
What qualities in others piss you off?: rudeness, closed mindedness, people unwilling to change


Movies: Just Friends, A Cinderella Story, Hairspray, Little Manhattan, Elizabethtown, How To Deal
TV shows: Law and Order CI, Bones, SVU, CSI : Miami, House, Tru Calling
Fictional characters: Goren & Eames, Booth & Brennan, Liv & El, Tru & Jack


Strengths: kindness, creativity, openmindedness
Weaknesses: worrying, negativity, over sensitivity
Fears: spiders, not getting into school, having the same job forever, heartbreak, getting left behind

Bones-related Questions

Who is your favorite character? Why?:
My favorite character is Brennan because I respect her intelligence.
Who is your least favorite character? Why?:
My least favorite character is Cam because I am a shipper and I hate that she got in the middle of Brennan and Booth, what I'd like to believe that they have.
Which character do you relate to most?:
I think that I relate to Brennan most. I've never been much of a partier. I'm usually alone doing academic work or online talking to people. I have a huge heart, and I'm super nice, but I'm scared to get too close to people because I'm scared that they will end up leaving me in the end.
What’s your favorite episode? Why?:
My favorite episode was Aliens in a Spaceship because I loved when Booth pulled Brennan out of the buried car at the end.
What’s your favorite Bones quote?:
Booth: You know what, I'm sorry...that you had to go through it again...watching your family drive off, leaving you behind. I'm sorry.
Brennan: My father is...
Booth: He's your dad and he loves you.
Brennan: You know, I'm just...I'm just one of those people who doesn't get to be in a family.
Booth: Listen, Bones, hey...there's more than one kind of family.

*please include a picture of yourself, if you have one*
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