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I Don't Know What That Means

Hey everyone.....

About You

Name: Mariah
Age: 15
Location: Peninsula Area, WA
Occupation: Student

Likes: God, books, music, singing, performing in general, kids, musicals, tv. movies, hot guys, school, standardized testing

Dislikes: braggarts, close-minded people, people who denounce things without really knowing what it really is, generalization, fake tans

What qualities do you admire in others? confidence. otherwise, I'm quite happy the way I am.

What qualities in others piss you off? talking with food in your mouth, music snobs


Movies: Rent, Funny Girl, Music and Lyrics, Glory Road, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Princess Bride, St. Elmo's Fire, 10 Things I Hate About You, 13 Going On 30, Grease....lots of others. I like a lot of sports movies, and most action films.

TV shows: Bones, Gilmore Girls, Greek, Heroes, Criminal Minds, House, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty,  ANTM

Fictional characters: Elizabeth Bennet, Temperance Brennan, Luke Danes, Jess Mariano, Angela Montenegro, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, Cappie, Rusty C., Jack Hodgins


Strengths: calm during stressful situations, nurturing spirit, work well under pressure, smart, creative, good with kids, articulate on paper, good listener. I've been told that I'm pretty, but I don't really think so.

Weaknesses: I'm too nice, and tend to form deep attachments quickly, which isn't so great all the time. I bite my nails. Typically unsure of myself, even when I'm right or I know what I'm doing. I fish for compliments sometimes. I'm a perfectionist about a lot of things, and I'll worry about personal things for weeks after they've been resolved or fixed. I second guess my decisions, and change my mind when I was right in the first place.

Fears: Losing my faith, losing my family and friends, closet monsters, that one gym sock I've never been able to find

Bones-related Questions

Who is your favorite character? Why?: I don't have a favorite because I like each character for a certain quality they possess.

Who is your least favorite character? Why?: Probably Deputy Director Cullen because he was rude to Brennan a lot in the beginning. But he gained likeability after "The Graft in the Girl"

Which character do you relate to most?: I relate to each character differently, and none really more than the other. I just like them all. :D And I don't want to influence your decision.

What’s your favorite episode? Why?: "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" (It's a Christmas miracle!), "The Woman in Limbo" (B/B dynamic, the infamous Russ appears), "The Woman in the Sand" (come on! Do I really have to explain that one?), "Aliens in a Spaceship" (the Brennan/Hodgins interaction, and Booth in the lab without Brennan)....Pretty much every episode of season 2.

What’s your favorite Bones quote?: All of them. :D

*please include a picture of yourself, if you have one*
          I'm not using my computer, so I don't have any pics....

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