Pearl, the Ocean Gem... (eiregirl05) wrote in bones_stamping,
Pearl, the Ocean Gem...

I don't know what that means...

Name: Pearl
Location: California
Occupation: Student, writer, dreamer, artist

Likes: Writing, drawing, riding horses, being kinda ‘out there’ so to speak, not being afraid to have a little fun, science
Dislikes: rude people, kids crying because it sounds like they are suffering and that’s…so wrong, really naïve people, slackers, people who are afraid to live life

What qualities do you admire in others?: a good sense of humour, kindness, good personality, able to take a joke, humility, good morals.
What qualities in others piss you off?: when they act overly cocky, rudeness, being rude when your just trying to help, thinking it’s fun to screw with someone’s heart


Movies: Lord of the Rings, Stardust, Donnie Darko, Shine, Madagascar, Little Miss Sunshine
TV shows: Battlestar Galactica : 2003, Bones, House MD, Mythbusters, The X-Files, Psych
Fictional characters: Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, Laura Rosilin, Cally & Galen Tyrol, Helo Agathon, Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Robert Chase, Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Juliet O’Hara, Angela Montenegro, Seeley Booth, Jack Hodgins, Tempe Brennan, Cammile Saroyan, Zack Addey…ahaha I just listed the cast of Bones…


Strengths: Science, drawing, writing, creative, strong willed, strong physically, playfulness, knowing when to take things seriously, and when not too, stubborn
Weaknesses: seeing my friends and family in pain hurts me, seeing children in pain, this war, to quote Allison Cameron ‘All this hate, it’s toxic.’
Fears: Seeing my family and friends hurt or murdered, never achieving my goals.

Bones-related Questions

Who is your favorite character? Why?: Angela , because she’s so out there, and she reminds me so much of myself it’s wild.
Who is your least favorite character? Why?: Cullen, he could be a right bastard at times.
Which character do you relate to most?: Angela
What’s your favorite episode? Why?: Death in a Saddle, because of Booth’s speech at the end, and I suppose I am quite fond of Man in the Fallout Shelter because that was when you learned about Parker ^_^
What’s your favorite Bones quote?: Booth’s speech
Booth: Here we are, all of us, basically alone, separate creatures, just circling each other, all searching for that slightest hint of a real connection. Some look in the wrong places, some they just give up hope because in their mind they're thinking "Oh there's nobody out there for me," but all of us, we keep trying over and over again. Why? Because every once in a while... every once in a while, two people meet and there's that spark, and yes, Bones, he's handsome and she's beautiful and maybe that's all they see at first, but making love... making love... that's when two people become one.

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